Raising a Community

Posted March 8, 2013 By: Dayshasmith_pi

Common sense is not common to everyone. People are raised with different beliefs, morals and ethics. Each generation changes according to the generations training before them. Raising a community can be done in two ways with effort or by force. We hope that this upbringing would be positive but it can swing either way. WIth effort we raise our children, their friends, and our neighbors children. We vote and assist with community services to the extended individuals. We are forced through the prison system and public assistance to raise the community. These systems have their place when genuinely applied with fairness and equality, but when they are abused and scandalized it creates chaos. So with concern I ask that "WE" as individuals start with our homes. Create and maintain healthy relationships, MARRIAGES, education, employment, family/community events, and to protect what should be common and the goal for everyone. Peace and Unity!

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  1. Raising a Community

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