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I love food, fun, music, and to dance. I love to see people happy and enjoying themselves. Family and children are my passion and I believe a healthy foundation is the cure for societies flaws. People should LIVE but with morals and peace.

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  1. Titty56 avatar

    posted Friday, March 8

    It once was always like that. You could raise your children and theri friends, not so any more. But I love that concept.

  2. Titty56 avatar

    posted Friday, March 8

    Have a vivacity Friday.....And thanks for the friendship.

  3. Dayshasmith_pi avatar

    posted Friday, March 8

    Thankful for Friday! Work continues on through Saturday and Sunday for me. Have a great weekend!

  4. Dayshasmith_pi avatar

    posted Thursday, March 7

    Its a new day. ENJOY!!!