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I am a single mom. Work hard. Try to play and hang out with my kids as much as possible. My goals in life are simple: raise my girls to be kind, strong, independent and loving women, get debt free and eventually buy a house.

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    posted Wednesday, April 10

    A exquisite Wednesday enjoy.

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    posted Wednesday, April 3

    Have eminent Wednesday and be blessed in it.

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    posted Tuesday, April 2

    Have exultant Tuesday.

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    posted Sunday, March 31

    Happy Resurrection Day.JW

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    posted Wednesday, March 27

    Have a blessed Holy week.JW

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    posted Monday, March 11

    That good a giver she will do well in life. I love it. Being kind to animals is not for every body. Wish her a Happy Birthday for me. Tell her to check out my baby pic on my Twitter page..Her name is Gracy.