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    posted Wednesday, April 3

    @SPEAK_EZ I believe love should be equal what ever # you use 50/50 , 100/100 one should not someone more than they love them self. You not always going to attract the same type person you are. If your looking for love know there are some real good imitators out there they don't even love themself. I not so sure about you attract what you are law not always the case. All I can say keep living and you will see things will change your mind on a lot of things.

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    posted Tuesday, April 2

    one more point...it's imperative to be what you want to attract, because like it or not, you will attract what you are.

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    posted Tuesday, April 2

    My thoughts on this subject may be a little different. Especially now that I'm aged. I've learned that I have to be completely and utterly in love with myself first; if I am not then I will look for a host to fill a void that only I can fill. This takes a tremendous amount of inner work, fasting, meditating .

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    posted Tuesday, April 2

    Love has to be 100/100 to be organic Titty. You get what you give. Law of Attraction.

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    posted Thursday, March 28

    The Bible says to guard you heart. Because out of the heart come the issues of life.

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    posted Monday, March 25

    This is Holy Week snd God sent his son to bare the sins of the world. Now that love.

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    posted Wednesday, March 20

    If you listen to love it will teach something about life.

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    posted Sunday, March 17

    Why is it love never stay for a long time. It mostly because fall love with people we really don't know.

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    posted Sunday, March 17

    Someone loves you and you are not aware of that love.

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    posted Saturday, March 16

    We were born to love. One of God greatest commandment is that we love each other.