Posted March 7, 2013 By: Titty56

Looking for any of my family from Twitter, Facebook. BLOKAST, THEBREAKFAST, THECITYLIVE. Common Live... Where is my fam???????? But thankful new family. Reguest me to be you friend I will accept. It always good to meet new people.

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    posted Tuesday, March 26

    Trying to find family. @thbreakfastclub, thblogkast, come holla at me.

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    posted Tuesday, March 12

    I only found two member of THBREAKFAST here in this social network. It Common and Justoisback of course he has all of Common albums.

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    posted Sunday, March 10

    I can not belive my family is not rocking this social arena. Still looking for them.

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    posted Friday, March 8

    I found two @THBREAKFAST FAMILY here. Sweet!!!

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