Talk Show Host

Posted March 13, 2013 By: CupcakezNgi

I always dream of being a Talk Show Host. I would be a mix of Oprah/Wendy Williams and Iyanla... except I'd be Gigi... I relate to these ladies because to me, they are the most human... I'm thinking Wendy just may be even the realist of the 3. (I love them all the same, though) LOL... I've always dreamed of touching a billion souls in a fashion where they would all feel loved. They would all feel included and know that I understand them, and when and if I didn't... I'd acknowledge that as well, and try to.

I would love teach, spend my life giving... being of service. Relating and using experiences to help, mold and shape others... to be strong for others. So much reality tv lately, but it isn't helping anyone... everyone always out for money.

Money is good. Wish I had alot of it so I could open a homeless shelter, and a school. I wish I could walk around buying lunches all day. Giving out free stuff like Oprah with her generosity, making people laugh like Wendy with her raw honesty... and, support and compassion like Iyanla... Awww how I wish! I am all 3 and the world doesn't know it. I do my part in my little world but sometimes I dream of reaching the Universe. I always dream of saving the world... that's the one thing that gets to me the most. It frustrates me. Others are frustrated by things they can't have, or promotions or new shoes they want. I'm frustrated because I just wanna save the world. They say your dreams can come true if you believe... but, I don't know how much belief in the world could actually be strong enough to be so real and come to pass for me to save it.

Good morning... love, Supergi

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