Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!

Posted March 11, 2013 By: CupcakezNgi

Sometimes I like to get caught up with the small details of life/things and become so over analytical that I get held up in what I need to be doing. Sometimes I worry too much about being PERFECT that I miss opportunity. While I realize this hangup with myself, I constantly battle this... It's a strength to be able to see all of the details of things, but also a crazy hangup where if I keep it up, I'm going to miss something.

I constantly have to make conscious effort to see the BIG PICTURE. I have to step back at times and say "OK... What am I doing? Why? Where is this going?"

Alot of times, I just want to get to the big picture so bad that I focus on every little step and not actually see where I need to go, then get STUCK. LOL...

Gotta balance the details with the big pic.... don't sweat the small stuff. The small stuff IS important but sometimes you gotta touch and go... take chances and keep the big picture in mind. It's ok to not be perfect. The small stuff is important because of course, every journey begins with a small step, but, sometimes you will have to skip over a step... leave a step the way it is and get back to it later... if you have a dream... never get caught up with one piece, or step.... (not for too long...) Move on and if you are redirected back, so be it... but, keep your big picture in mind and don't sweat the small stuff!

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