Posted March 7, 2013 By: CupcakezNgi

Me and Patience have a love/hate relationship... The reason behind our love... well, Patience has saved my life. (many occasions) And, that of another. (Patience led me to work on a day when I didn't want to be patient, a day I contemplated not going because I was having a bad day... not feeling special and feeling neglected by an ex... and that same day I ended up performing CPR on a man who had a heart attack... right then and there, Patience showed me how much God thought of me and all my insecurities drifted away) Patience has told me secrets... Patience has lit candles when I couldn't see in the darkness and zoomed in and gave clarity to images I couldn't make out. Yet, Patience always has a way of never being on my own time. Patience shows me the good, bad and truth about myself and pushes me to face things I would otherwise choose to ignore. (The reason for our hate relationship... lol) But, yet... the Love outweighs the Hate I have.... it's a good hate. One that challenges me. Patience is certainly a virtue... I have learned when I am still... Patience takes care of everything.

Be patient.

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