Thankfully... happy!

Posted March 7, 2013 By: CupcakezNgi

Being... thankful to God... being just a minute piece in a huge Universe.... looking up at a sky that is so much bigger than Me... realizing the Sky must feel the same way about me... I'm thankful... I'm thankful for the blood that runs through me and the water that flows through the seas... the water I drink. Thankful for the trees... the food I eat. I'm thankful for new opportunity. Thankful for the love, from my family, students, friends... that I receive. Thankful for health. I'm thankful for the clothes I wear and the job I have. I'm happy. Many reasons why I could go on and on... I'm so full of thanks.... God is the source.

Happy to remind you of some of the reasons why you should be happy , too.

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