Leaves Falling ...

Posted November 4, 2013 By: Oxala

Breeze calling
Wind blowing
Stars snoring
Envying the birds for being close to the sky
All that their able to see
Reflecting on possibilities
Laying dormant in you
The Redwood tree
I'll whisper to a star
Tell it to go find you
Make you come bare
Sire to all things rare
Quiet like a cricket chirping in the day
Slow as a snail trying to make it's own way
Don't leave me hanging on perhaps
A branch that has already snapped
You know I'd give it all I have
Lay here
Try to understand
Caress that part of my neck
Look into my eyes
See if it's been felt yet
Open legs of perpetuity
Crying uncontrollably
Efface weeds of disgrace
Spray bliss in this space
Pear your mate
Hu..shh, hold the taste
Split me into pieces
Your puzzled secret
Show me a pride dead in the mind
I'll be your wine
Wet what is dry
Grow inside
Make moist what is proud
Only two in this crowd
Play the risk with our hearts
Soak your brush with this art
Spoken words in the dark--Ascend, waterfalls
Rage hard

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