Looking for the Perfect Beat

Posted January 20, 2013 By: NikiMo

Because it has been like never when I have had the opportunity to do for myself, spend on myself or THINK of myself. It is frustrating to have the finance and freedom to shop or think and not know what I want or want to do,

I was a student of academic excellence that left High School to rear my brother who is now 32.

I discontinued my military service to care for the woman ( my grandmother) that reared me until her untimely death 2 years later.

I housed my mother, her husband and my brother for 1 year.

I was blessed with a husband that protects me to this day from those that do not mean well. Because of his encouragement I was able to complete AAS and BA degrees.

We opened our home to several family members including my mother who now suffers from MS and I am currently rearing my Niece who is 6 years old abandoned by bother her mother and father (my brother).

My Niece us the sunshine in our home and a true blessing.

The others that we have opened our home to caused us financial devastation.

After 15 years we are finally OUT!

My mind is so messed up from it all that I don't know how to "Do Me".

I have figured that if I reach within and release myself through writing as I once did so long ago that I will find myself and renew my spirit.

Looking forward to it! Thanks Common for the outlet.

Thinking back to a track that best describes me from Chicago house music
"Looking for The Perfect Beat"

Did I mention that I was born and raised in Markham.


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