{If you are inclined to treat your supposed yeast infection without advice from your doctor, be sure you are aware of all the variables you must consider. There could be highly recommended alternate courses of action as a result of one or more of those factors. The person most suited to determine your best course of action is your doctor. Be that as it may, it's very easy to find and buy numerous OTC medications for a yeast infection. If you mistakenly think that you can diagnose your yeast infection, think again. In a study recently, only 1/3 of the women were correct in their diagnosis. That is a significant number of women who got their diagnosis wrong.|It's not hard to treat a common yeast infection. Those who realize from the signals in their body that a yeast infection is beginning will normally go to the pharmacy and choose an over-the-counter medication. People who use this method find that their yeast infection clears up in about 7 days. But that is the norm, and there are special circumstances and conditions that require your doctor's intervention for safe and effective treatment. You are more susceptible to getting a yeast infection if you have AIDS/HIV or are taking chemotherapy. People with diabetes or women who are pregnant are also special cases that require the expertise of a medical treatment professional. Another situation that mandates that you see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment is if you have experienced repeated yeast infections recently.|Oral thrush requires treatment via a doctor's prescription; however, only a few drugs have been approved for oral consumption. The problem comes up when we take into consideration that the cellular membrane of the yeast fungus is about the same as the cellular structure of the fungal membrane. So there is an obvious concern, and rightly so, that a medication will not cause harm to human cells while trying to kill the fungus (yeast) cells. {As a result of this situation, there are only about ten approved internal anti-fungal medications for oral ingestion.|The outcome is that only ten or so drugs have been approved as antifungals that can be used orally.|So it's easy to understand why there are only approximately ten compounds that have been cleared for oral treatment of yeast infections.|This leaves the general public with only ten or so Candidiasis medications that can be taken orally.|The strict criterion that must be applied to these drugs has resulted in approximately ten being approved for oral use.|During pregnancy, the activities you can do are limited compared to your normal routine, however, one thing you shouldn't stop doing is working out. Most health experts nowadays, recommend that women who are pregnant should exercise regularly but sensibly as far as the last month of their pregnancy. While cardio is beneficial, there are also great advantages to employing a weight training or body sculpting routine while you are pregnant. We will be looking at some of the best techniques you can employ during your pregnancy to maintain your fitness.|Activities such as weight training were considered out of the question during pregnancy not so long ago, as women were advised to avoid all forms of strenuous physical activity. Now, however, we know that there are many advantages to staying active during your pregnancy. There are quite a number of exercises you can do, even if it is advisable that you reduce your workouts to avoid strain on your abdomen or doing too much and also consult your doctor beforehand. We'll be focusing here on some helpful tips to keep in mind when working out during your pregnancy.|There was a time when it was considered that pregnant women required plenty of bed rest with as little movement as possible and any form of exercise, even walking, was seen as the ultimate sin. Today, though, there is evidence that supports the idea that a pregnant woman and her child can benefit from exercise, including strength training. link

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