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Hi I'm Hannah. I just stepped into college and felt like everything in my world turned upside down, just like that. New environment, new people, lots of new problems to deal with.

I decided to take Journalism so I know there's a rough life ahead of me. I've always loved writing and good thing my parents allowed me to take a course that I really want. I also have this part time as helping kids with their essays. Anyway, I only accept workloads when I got plenty of time to work. During exam seasons, I defer from writing to concentrate on studying. My education is still my priority.

First day of classes and there were already several essay writing assignments. I do not pray for less challenges, but a better sword to last all these challenges. I am looking to join a writing club, to make friends and also for educational purposes. If you can recommend something, do message me. This is college. Bring it on!

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