My Time to Shine

Posted March 8, 2013 By: GwendolynYvette

Each and every person on this earth was born with a purpose and with particular gifts to use to God's glory. I am a singer...I was born to sing. As I was growing up, I realized at a young age, that others were moved by my voice. At the same time, I noticed that I didn't fit into the mold of what the industry saw as an acceptable size/weight. I was about 12 years old when I could wear my mother's clothes to school :) . When I was 18, I went to New Jersey with my cousin, seeking to get into the music industry. The feedback that I received was very positive regarding my voice; however, I was told repeatedly, that I had to have a look-a look that I did not have at the time. Long story short, I hated the rejection and didn't use it as fuel to propel me to the next opportunity, but as a turn off towards the industry, and consequently to my own pursuit of my dreams and goals.

With a few recent events (seem like yesterday),the death of my Father, and Whitney Houston, the dream, my love of singing became reborn, and I am in relentless pursuit of my dreams...come hell or high water...I will have my time to shine!!! :)

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  1. CupcakezNgi avatar

    posted Friday, March 8

    You are already shining. Own it! Love this post!

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