ELECTRIC CIRCUS, a sleeper classic!

Posted November 7, 2013 By: ChucktheBard


I implore you to cease apologizing to your public for ELECTRIC CIRCUS. This underappreciated offering pushed the boundaries of rap music and was ahead of the times in its release. NEVER apologize for honest self-expressive art. People are either on board or not! The creative train stays the course until it reaches the final destination of nothing more to say. Posterity will judge you fairly.

Frankly, I believe Erykah brought out your true colors and peeled away a few inhibitions stifling your creativity. Yeah, she whipped you alright! Whipped and fashioned you into the artist you truly were. lol She was your complementary and creative opposite. Your union ran its course and gave you a healthy grow spurt.

Music trailblazers such as Mile Davis and Thelonious Monk never apologized for their musical works. Both were slaves to their muse and changed the course of American music to their own natural liking. In the case of Davis, am sure you know, upon changing the course of jazz several times, he invariably lost converts and gained new followers. Today, his eclectic body of work or musical journey, if you will, makes sense to his public the world over.

Keep being you and torpedoing the boundaries! Make a strong effort to not appease the capricious demands of friends, family, or fickle fans when producing honest art. They will either eventually come around or come to terms with the hard truth that you are an artist!

Remember, timeless art is never appreciated during its time. ELECTRIC CIRCUS has its following, believe me. It paved the way for the music groups of the Whatever millennial generation - i.e. Odd Future collective, Frank Ocean, Janelle Monae, Kid Kudi, Kanye West (YEEZUS CD), et. al.



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