Definition (Rhyme Piece)

Posted November 26, 2012 By: I AM Dokk Savage Music

Am I a writer, poet, spoken word artist, or emcee?
I say that Im an artist that writes poetry with the spoken word
of an emcee
a true master of ceremonies scripting life stories to symphonies
developing verbal pictorials for memorials like the Kennedy's
you can read them while sick in bed as experimental remedies
Im not saying that my words define miracles
but you can tell that my lines are far from typical
even when Im sketching spirituals with explosive delivery in the physical
I understand that times are critical
so I represent innocent individuals that are awaiting acquitals
a true product of the broken hearted
as you recognize when the piece started, that Im wearing bruises of the hardest
I walk amongst those that don't have the courage to spit
so I ink blot in third person to give their courage a lift
Because rewritten experiences are biographical chapters that are developed
from gifts.....


To Be Continued

Dokk Savage

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  1. OMi avatar

    posted Wednesday, March 6

    I second that speechless. Thought provoking. Keep writing this is gold

  2. I AM Dokk Savage Music avatar

    posted Wednesday, February 27

    appreciate the feedback people. God is love!

  3. Audris Rozelle avatar

    posted Sunday, December 30

    I want more...

  4. me avatar

    posted Sunday, December 23

    I agree. Well said Dokk.

  5. FP_sounds avatar

    posted Friday, November 30

    This is something I can appreciate. Love the last line. I don't understand why it's been three days and this post doesn't have a million comments. Society tends to be slow in catching on to that real shit.

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