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#Audris Rozelle

I have a passion for humanity, always seeking ways to uplift, encourage, and inspire our children, my brothers, and of course, my sisters...

I am a writer of all sorts, sharing the light and wisdom from the Author. I love writing poetry, plays, literary journalism, short stories, memoirs, and screen plays. One day, I hope to be a philanthropist and establish scholarships for our youth. I yearn to get our children, Rachel's children, off the street and give them an opportunity to see that there is hope for them...a life away from crime. I desire to teach them to capitalize on their creative skills. I want to own a bed & breakfast that caters to holistic beings and providing free stays for single mothers. I am excited to use my God-given projects as an avenue to raise money for various charities. Presently, I am in the process of completing my memoir, From Grapes to Wine, and a book of poetry, From the Green Section, to raise awareness for victims of abuse and domestic violence.

I am a very spiritual being, full of integrity, with my faith grounded and rooted in the Lord. I am a mother of two young men and a long-time mentor to many. I love to smile and to make others smile. Poetic, activist, visionary, old-fashioned and down-to-earth...attracted to simplicity but not simpletons...seriously!

I've seen I am about to encounter Chicago....

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    posted Wednesday, May 8

    Check out my collection of poetry:

    Thank and bless you!

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    posted Saturday, March 16

    I turn the fabulous 40 in one month and I still have no clue what to do...

  3. Audris Rozelle avatar

    posted Friday, December 28

    Fear paralyzes...
    Love mobilizes...
    Two paths presented...
    Choose the one for you...