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Love God, Hip Hop and basketball,in that order, Very assertive and passionate. Will write a book one of these days if i can just get my thoughts together and sit down.....

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  1. Amelia avatar

    posted Wednesday, May 1

    Hi guys...i have about 350 points, anybody know what i can buy with them? hahaha!

  2. Ms. Dukes avatar

    posted Wednesday, May 1

    I actually was wondering the same thing. I hope you find time to write your book I look forward to reading it, so get them thoughts together and sit

  3. Titty56 avatar

    posted Wednesday, April 3

    Have a eminent Wednesday and be blessed in it.

  4. Titty56 avatar

    posted Tuesday, April 2

    Have exultant Tuesday.

  5. Amelia avatar

    posted Thursday, March 14

    hi, to all my new friends, appreciate it. not online alot cos of my work. but will try harder. got mad love for you all...

  6. fknightevents avatar

    posted Thursday, March 7

    Hi *Waving...

  7. Amelia avatar

    posted Thursday, March 7

    ok, this is too fast. i need more friends, lol! love the pressure....