My take from Common's Lecture at ASU

Posted February 26, 2013 By: Fullmetal_Doc

Greatness is more individual than it is public. You MUST believe in yourself and the path God has set out for you in order to be Great. The mind is so powerful, that most people fear success and are afraid to be successful because they don't think they're good enough to be successful. Well if you don't believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you? You have to believe you can do whatever you set your mind towards and that you will start at nothing getting there. But you can't reap the fruits of your success if you haven't cultivated your garden. Hardwork breeds committment, dedication, stronger self-esteem, motivation, will-power, humility, confidence, and so much more. The path is never easy, but you have to believe that the fruit of your labor will not be in vain and one day you will get to the top. But it all starts with you first, it all starts with the person you see in the mirror everyday and night. And once you get to the top, remember your people. Inspire them to get where you are and make your community healthy and motivated to be better. But again, it all starts within you. Believe you are somebody, Believe you can do whatever you have your mind set out to do, and above everything else, Believe that God is with you to do all things through HIM. So go out and be about it.

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