Dreaming, Giving, Doing....

Posted December 29, 2012 By: me

I am what many would consider to be an introvert. I find myself most at home in low key surroundings and thrive through solitary artistic pursuits and one on one interactions or groups of few. This is my nature. However, my nature does not mean that I don't like people or being social, because I do, in fact I love people. I particularly love the elderly and will always take the opportunity to bask in the kind of wisdom that can only be obtained through having weathered many seasons.

It is because of my naturally shy and reserved nature, that in the past, I have found ways to give from the sidelines or passively - donating to charities, contributing to food drives...etc. Each year my son and I will do a holiday giving project so he can learn the value of giving and appreciate all that he has. It is amazing how vastly different his childhood has been from mine, and I am so grateful. Yet, I have never had the desire to be up front so to speak. I still don't, but recently that has all changed for me and I am being pushed to give and do more than I ever have before. It is a scary yet profoundly rewarding and fulfilling endeavor.

So who's pushing me? God is, and since He has given me a clear understanding of exactly what it is he would like me to do, who am I to answer with an I can't, or an I won't, or even an I am too small? The message I have been given over and over again is this - I wouldn't have given you the dream if I didn't think you could realize it. So I move. The dream I am working to bring into this world, is a bouillabaisse of my personal experiences, hearts desires for this world, and my most natural talents.

The result will be to bring local artisans and the community together to create something that will not just feed, but nourish the souls of those who are physically and emotionally hungry. The point of all this, is that it only takes one person with a dream to bring about change. So when your experience prepares you for your purpose....what will you do? Take the dream you have been given and find the courage to make it real. Are we awake? Are we dreaming?

I wrote the first of the following quotes the day I took that first step and the second I love for its eloquent truth. This is just a page in my story, I would love to hear yours....

I am awake and dreaming. I am moving and manifesting destiny with every step taken in the direction of a dream. This is not the first step on my journey of a thousand miles, yet surely it is the step I take today, that will plant imagination seeds into the soil of tangible reality. God, love, effort, and high hopes are the miracle grow of dreams. I am awake and I am dreaming.

d.b. cain

Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophesy of what you shall at last unveil.

James Allen


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  1. Audris Rozelle avatar

    posted Sunday, December 30

    Amen to that!!!! A lit lamp looks crazy under the table, doesn't it? Let the dream be realized and the gift be manifested. Blessings to you!

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