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My name is Whitney everybody calls me Eli. It's short for my middle name Elise. I'm 25 and I live in Allen tx. I'm originally from Cali. Raised here in tx. I love music..... Real music and natural talent. I'm more spiritual than religious and very outgoing. I think I'm very funny. Also I believe I listen to best music in the world. I have a visual crush on Common. I say visual because all I know is what I see. He could be a jerk for all I know. I choose to believe that he is a down to earth good guy. He the sexiest man to me I hope to have a real convo with him. Lonnie is who I would love to meet.

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    posted Wednesday, January 30

    Common is a freakin brilliant writer. Also a very natural actor. Not sure in who he is a true person behind closed door. Would totally like to find out. I've always dated white guy mostly. When people ask me why. I always say because Common isn't beating down my door. Hoping to one day meet Common buy him a tea and go to a low key houkah lounge.