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One unanticipated repercussion of aging is the enhanced tendency to trip and fall. There are a variety of elements that trigger this, but the main one is a neurological one.
This can be quickly corrected with some basic workouts.

In this article, we're going to look at means to enhance our balance by learning certain workouts that make use of the components of our nerves that regulate balance or, proprioception. Especially, our cerebellum (back of the brain that regulates sychronisation), the vestibular system (the inner ear where the semi-circular canals are located), the rising systems in our spine cord (the "highways" that bring info to the brain from our feet and the rest of our body), and the little "mechano-receptors" located in our joints that get our motions as we walk and run and sends that information through our nerves, up the spinal wire systems to the brain. As an added incentive, these exercises likewise go a long method in avoiding lower back discomfort!

Here are some really useful exercises to do, "... for the rest of our lives." Start with the simple ones!. chiropractorwoodsidewellnesscenter.com

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