1. STACK avatar

    posted Tuesday, January 22

    WOW I hope that this msg falls on you Common. I wrote this script that bro I reallly know that U can feel. I know this is not the right forum for this discussion but I dont know what else to do.SERENADE THE STREETS.It will truly challenge U.Not that U need to be yet every actor looks for that ONE PART.The movie Luv is also one that challenges U.Man I dont know what to do cause constantly my du'a seems to go unanswered & my writing screems GET ME OUT.reeech@yahoo or STACK on this site I guess

  2. Ellenville201 avatar

    posted Saturday, January 19

    Dear common, what's goin on
    I just wanted to drop in and say Contrats on all of your past and future success. When you start your next venture as far as movies, if they are looking for Youth, raw, new talent, please check out my sister on youtube. Her videos are titled: 1) little miss georgia 2012 2) Athena's prayer 2012 Peace

  3. Loz avatar

    posted Friday, January 18

    no. i can't hear or see.

  4. Shona Eladia avatar

    posted Friday, January 18

    can anyone hear or see?

  5. Msrosey05 avatar

    posted Friday, January 18

    Hey Common wanted to say i admire you the genuine definition of a man. Even with all your talents your spirit is humble. Your relationship with your mother is what I am aspiring for for me and my son! We are off to a great start! I love you in all your endeavors be blessed!!

  6. Loz avatar

    posted Friday, January 18

    Hey Common!

    Best wishes with the movie.

    Just dropping by to say hi.

    Loz, Sydney, Australia.

  7. yanna avatar

    posted Friday, January 18

    did something happen we can't see or HEAR whats going ong...it says OFF AIR

  8. FREEligion avatar

    posted Friday, January 18

    Heyy Common =) I love you

  9. MiaMuse avatar

    posted Friday, January 18

    I cant hear or see but Im sure its a great convo. Peace and Love to you

  10. Asymptote avatar

    posted Friday, January 18

    hey common, before this gets filled with too many comments, I just want to say thank you. Without great artists like you, nas, or even blu, I don't know what I would be doing right now. I started taking my writing and music seriously thanks to you. As one of the greatest influences on my music, and my day to day life, I just want to give thanks. Think Common, think positive.