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Welcome to the brand-new!  We hope you enjoy the new site. 

One of the fresh features of this site is the community... where you can make friends, get involved in forums, post blogs, and enter into contests and campaigns to win free prizes.  

Join today and thanks for checking out the site! 

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  1. AhjaiJ avatar

    posted Monday, January 14

    May I ask, free conscious man; what the image of you behind bars represents?

  2. Unique1nDC avatar

    posted Tuesday, January 8

    I am honored to be apart of any feed associated with this man. This uncommon man that is humbled enough to be called Common. Common, whose very words reaches my ears and heart. If my mind had a "G" spot (and I contend, that it does) his poetry would silence the gentle cries of ecstasy.

  3. DiAnna Cooper avatar

    posted Thursday, November 29

    Love the site

  4. M Khadija avatar

    posted Monday, November 26

    you are truly anointed. thank you for sharing your gift

  5. lashawnda avatar

    posted Monday, November 26

    I love you:) you a man with integrity!! Beautiful spirit

  6. Rebellis avatar

    posted Monday, November 26

    Beautiful Man