1. CrystalChannel avatar

    posted Thursday, January 10

    Common, I am so proud of you!!! you are truly a blessing to our youth keep up the good work..

  2. Rap4Rights avatar

    posted Wednesday, January 2

    Just finished your book in just 1 day. What an honor to share a sign, a passion for hoop and the booth, love for art and so much more with such a good brotha. The day we meet i cant wait to build. Its G O O D! Pisces

  3. Elonda Williams avatar

    posted Friday, December 7

    You are a source of human purity and everything you do shines. Thanks for sharing your light with us. Peace & many blessings-Aatifa

  4. DiAnna Cooper avatar

    posted Monday, November 26

    Looking foward to LUV. Looks like your greatest yet.

  5. M Khadija avatar

    posted Monday, November 26

    Continue doing what you do. You never know who you may inspire. I appreciate it all.