Common Wants To Work With Kanye West On New Music, Says 2 Chainz Gives Him “Inspiration”

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Long before G.O.O.D. Music was home to 2 Chainz, Pusha T and more, Common was a standout member on Kanye West's record label. The Hip-Hop twosome collaborated on Common's 2005 release, Be, catapulting the rapper—who had long gone under the commercial radar—to the No. 2 spot on the Billboard album charts.
Six years later, the rapper-turned-actor wouldn't mind getting back in the studio with his good friend. In an interview with Complex, Common explained when he and West will link. “When the time is right, I would love to get together [with Kanye] on some more music,” he said.
Provided that they are able to get in the studio together, the move would be an “act of passion,” according to the 40-year-old.  “I ain't gotta do it, he ain't gotta do it,” he continued. “It's not like we had to do it then or when we first did it, but it'd be a fun thing for us to do.”
As the G.O.O.D. Music crew preps the fall release of their Cruel Summer compilation, Common also revealed that he wanted to be added to their “Mercy” single, and was asked to do so by Big Sean but couldn't make it happen. “I was working, doing something. Eventually the record, it got done quicker than I could get my verse out. They put it out and it was banging."
Although he is widely known as a more “conscious rapper” (hence his former moniker Common Sense), the Chicago native has found motivation in the likes of 2 Chainz. “When I heard 2 Chainz on one of the songs I was doing, I was like, ‘Play his verse to me again, play it again!' because he gave me inspiration. It's like when you get around your friends, you get reminded. With No I.D., I got reminded of who and what my essence is and why I love Hip-Hop music. Working around him would remind me like, “You just gotta bring your Isht and have fun.”
No word yet on when Common will drop his new album, but would it be a good look if he added 2 Chainz to the guest list?

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