1. I AM Dokk Savage Music avatar

    posted Thursday, April 11

    Man this is so amazing. It's a blessing to witness a woman with so much power and grace to have the strength to put a smile on her face. Dr. Angelou is a beautiful beacon of light that will shine and resonate for centuries to come. She represents the true meaning of a champion by overcoming obstacles with a true substance. She has a soul that allows her spirit to write something so meaningful that the world will think it's a poem, but actually it's just her natural conversation. Dr. Angelou's conversation is a soundtrack to people's lives across the world with her her heartbeat as the instrumental. As a child I never knew why a caged bird sings until I was at an age of accountability to comprehend that my voice has a purpose for delivering a message with substance, a substance of courage. Dr. Angelou is one of the greatest emcees to touch the mic because every rhyme she writes is a hip hop quotable "posdunous". This picture here has a lot history, ink, papercuts, lectures, good, bad,trials, triumph,stages, rhymes, stolen moments, tears, fears, mistakes, life, and more importantly, GOD's Love. My apologies for the long comment but this picture is way too powerful to leave a simple comment. God bless!!!!