Recognize Your Name

Friday, March 22

I became lost in translation

As I was searching for my patience

through the static of radio stations

Conversing with members of my team

On how I construct rhyme schemes that define dreams

Across the skies where the lines stream

I fiend and draw contact from the ones that develop the substance

The type that fuels the brain and get my blood rushing

Then step to the podium and leave the crowd blushing

I even catch a vibe with the ones who don't be saying nothing

Who don't know the definition of eloquence just be pointing fingers and cussing

And recite with the dialect of Teddy Ruxbin

What good is a song if it doesn't take you higher

Instead of showing your ass on flyers

With a crowd of losers in a champion of liars

Don't get me wrong I'm not hating on your desires

Its just that you need rotation and I can see the thread in your tires

Just because you have a match doesn't mean that you can start fires

You must understand the origin of your flame

And realize that you can fly with your wings without imitating planes

You no longer need umbrellas to embrace the rain

No matter how many times the world change

They'll still recognize your name!

Dokk Savage All Rights Reserved

Dokk Savage

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