I am A slave in foreign Land

Wednesday, February 27

After reading for several hours I could not escape the reality of what was written. The Israelite’s were Slaves, many years of torture through the Pharaoh’s eyes and disgust. They were tormented for day break to late nights because of their quench to slave for God and be obedient. In history, slavery poked fun at many races, sexes, and genders. The most prolific times in history which destroyed families, lands, and honor has not ceased by has surpassed all of anything yet to come and still it rises. I found slavery has existed at a time when Satan beguiled Eve and made her the slave of a serpent. Pharaoh made slaves that spread from land to sea in Egypt. The Jim Crow laws of the south made segregation almost divide a nation and deprive a world of priceless inventions. The north placed the mask of flavor to hide the fact that Black hated Pigs and which wore the norm for another race. In the West, Huey Newton tried to evolve an organization to shine a light on slavery, which other parties saw this as a threat to society. He did not know that no light needed to be shunning because even a blind man with no sound of jazz or smell of freedom could not feel the light that other races were Slavery continues to leave a haunting tale of riveting pieces spreading at a rapid pace against time. I am looking at this century and my mind races to how Our race will forever in this system of things remain in slavery. Not just a mental slavery put our position, our physical being. True, we have a black president we also have black billionaires, black entrepreneurs, I laugh because all the money in the world aint gonna and yes I said it correctly aint gonna put you in another status quo or category if you are Black, African-American, mulatto, or even other. You skin will defy who you are before your mouth even opens because the stigma will carry that stench forever. I say forever because it in my eyes is not negativity, but yes it is evident. Why you ask is it evident. James Holmes committed a heinous crime in Colorado, he is mental, and his own psychiatrist deemed him sick. He is white, he is smiling and laughing because he knows this system is white, this world will protect him. Derrick Lamont Williams, serving a life sentence in Laurinburg, NC at Scotland County; I said life without a possibility of parole. The evidence was a gun never found, witnesses that are known drug addicts and dealers, and nothing to collaborate a life sentence. Trayvon Martin dies and his murderer Mark Zimmerman still is on trial. You see I have a problem with this because prison is the slavery institutions for blacks. Foster-care is the slavery institutions for blacks. As a licensed professional, I have seen children being taken from their black mother’s because society says that they cannot provide for them, the children are neglected, well I am in a County where a judge takes black children and she is white, she has no just-cause. Because I can clearly see that this is slavery of a new venue. See there are so many facets of slavery that can hinder a person. I f I am a single women with 6 kids and work part-time, I may get a small amount of public assistance, does this give basis for the court to take my children, rip them from the very life that is of normality to them and say you cannot have any access with your mother because she cannot take care of you properly. Your mother is not mental stable; well tell me who deems how a mother cares for her child. On the outside and inside of this issue I cannot fathom that white counselors, white therapist, white judges have a say and no one questions where in the law or what is lawful or unlawful. My parents were raised to spare the rod spoil the child. At what point, to who’s discretion as an adult takes m power as an adult. I spank, you take my children for abuse, I don’t spank you take my children for lack of supervision. So I eat at a table where I am slave. I have no say, this democratic country tells me to vote. Blacks of my own kind say you have no voice if you don’t vote. You have no power to change society. I never had that power because I am limited verbally, and physically but not mentally. I have learned when to pick and choose my battles. Even those battles that we as a race has yet to conquer, which we will never master and forever come in second. I am slave to American still, she is a foreigner to me, I am lost in her land. As, a homeowner, my credit gives character of my economic status. I miss a couple of payment due to divorce, unemployed, inflation and I am written off, but if I were a white man, I can file bankruptcy over and over and acquire more each time because I am white and was told the loop holes and how to get over. I own my home until the taxes get behind and the county, state, owns it all although I have paid 30+ ears of my life and raised my kids. You say I should vote, I am a slave can’t you see. I have mounds of education to the highest level, still staying ahead of my white counter parts I am still a slave. On the national average, I as a black man earns less 15% less yearly than my white counterpart and 10% less on an average salary of a female white counterpart. I am told to vote, I am a slave I don’t have those rights. I see that Obama was re-elected for a 2nd term. Obama, you have resistance daily because you are and will always be limited of what you can do. As, a slave we continue to step on each other, still erasing the word nigger, nigga, it’s there, each time you interview, it does not hinder you it does not define you but it marks those minds that you are still in slavery. You are still stumped by segregation for knowing what you know, for being who you are, and for keeping contingence among your race. I will tell you truth, that a white stranger will acknowledge you and may share more with you than your own kind, that is because they know that you are not going to share, it is the slavery that prevents you from sharing, caring because you don’t want to be marked, disgraced or even mistaken as another person of your race. And every Sunday you have 2-3 church services yelling Amen and speaking in tongues and shouting just to go back to become a slave to the world once you hit the street. You didn’t know only slaves hold back; don’t want others or you to flourish, no that is not the mentality that the owners instilled in us. You cannot ever say I am wrong because being wrong is too much like being right. I see the professional slaves that are eager to fit in with professional, so scared to speak on what is right even if they will burn to do what is wrong their conscience battles this. What would Meager Evers, Thurgood Marshall, or even Martin Luther King say today? Would they day we have evolved as a race or would they day we have fallen as a race. Did we make it to the promise land or are we still promising peace and justice singing “We shall overcome”. How we really overcome or under come to the new dimensions of slavery. Why can we not take care of our young, our elderly? Who is finding our mother earth not to be competent? Why are our black men so sorry? Is it because we love our son’s and raise our daughters? The generational curse is quite exquisite a delight because the thickness of the moral has not changed in decades. Mothers are the house hold heads that lean on strength from above or miss faith looking for love. I cannot reach millions of stars thru my words only seeds growing from the vegetation planted which God cultivates to grow. I am a slave, my silence is wildly smothered by my perseverance, I never belong, because I am not from this place. Where I reside is temporary, where I was conceived has yet to be discovered. I will remain a slave to this system, to this world until my voice is heard in the form that all will take to heart. I do not where I will lead, but I know that I was not made to follow. I may be a slave but at this point I can realize I am a slave in a temporary setting around beings in a unstable environment. What is your destiny?????

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