Love Train by Selah (Audris Rozelle)

Friday, January 4

Love Train

I was in love with love
Before I knew what love meant
Quiet evenings spent listening
To my mother’s twelve-inch vinyls
She used to listen to those records…
But it was me who listened then.
Dissecting the slow, steady beat that rocked my mind
Allowing the rhythm to manipulate my heart
I was in love with love songs from Minnie Ripperton to Phyllis Hyman
The needle glided from song to song, brief moments of silence in between
My ear pressed against the speaker, my body completely still
Making sure not to miss a lyric
Making sure that I understood the message
Of love. So I could imagine the passion so compelled
A love so tangible and a desire so intense.
Love songs speaking of vehement sexuality
And unadulterated sensuality, arousing my curiosity
To know, to know what could spark such…such feeling
Sometimes I’d wrote the lyrics to stain my mind
Praying that someone’d love me like that
Love me like a love song that plays so sweetly
In the mind. Love me like the warmth of Peabo’s voice
And embraced me tight like Stevie.
Love me like Smokey, so smooth and nice
Love me under an orange moon or before a purple sunset
Listening to Teena Marie, “Say you love me, baby.”
The more I listened, the more I yearned
The more I heard Jean Carne, the more sought to know
The love of which I had desperately fallen
Love songs I heard but it was love’s power I felt
I knew that my heart would one day be entangled
In the web of emotions woven in and around love
But instead I encountered the pain and sorrow of love escaped
Of passion erased, and the hope deferred for the next love
Until I realized that love wasn’t feeling like love…because of me
I interpreted love incorrectly, listening to only the sweet
And not realizing the work needed for love to be.
So I stepped away to heal my heart and correct the direction of my feet
Yet, I never gave up on love because I still loved love
Love like a Sunday morning glory and fresh like April dew
I’ll find a love…equal to my love
To erase my doubts and growing disbelief
Or maybe that love will find me under Jehovah’s glow
Find me patiently and with earnest ease
Kindly speak to me and enter my soul as I penetrate his
We can be like two spirits whirling with joy
And we will dance, dance, dance to a song, love song
A new love song that we would write
It would take me back to the day
Daddy singing “My Girl” and rubbing my knobby knees
Take me back to the time
When I first fell in love with a love song
When I fell in love with love before I knew what love meant.

Audris, Selah

Replies to This Posting

  1. Re: Love Train by Selah (Audris Rozelle)

    Friday, January 4

    I wasn't going to post this poem, but I felt a strong pull telling me to do it. I hope you like what my heart speaks...Blessings
    Audris, Selah

  2. RE: Love Train by Selah (Audris Rozelle)

    Wednesday, January 30

    A poem on loving love. Always looking for inspiration. Great job. Well...its not a job when you love doing it.

  3. Re: Love Train by Selah (Audris Rozelle)

    Sunday, February 10

    Thank you and glad that you enjoyed it!! Blessings, Selah
    Audris, Selah