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I am a Seer and a Seeker engaged in the pursuit of illuminating Truth and enhancing the Light, within and without.

Saturday, December 29

I never really know what to say to about myself, however I suppose an introduction is appropriate. I live in the south with my family and I am here because I enjoy the work of Common and have a desire to connect with those of like mind and spirit. I am many things, but I can name a few. I am a writer of pretty much everything. Words are my currency and the substance of my soul. I am a student who loves learning, from life and the academic realm. I graduated summa cum laude from the School of Hard Knocks, I am currently pursuing an advanced degree from the University of Life...;), and working on undergraduate studies at a local college. I have a passion for my children who are my greatest joy. I have a heart for giving, and I am enjoying the journey while growing in love and service.

happy to be here

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