From my heart...

Saturday, December 29

I am really surprised that I am completing this part because I am compelled to give out of love for God and my love for His people; not for any special award or accolade. However, I understand that in the "networking world," sharing this information has a weight of its own. Even when I am abased, I cannot imagine my life without charity. I am not a philanthropist, but I am making my way there. I am an artist with words and I seek to use that gift and give back to God and His creation.
I have been a mentor since 1995, currently with Big Brothers and Big Sisters SEPA. I have a homeless feeding project called, It's a Love Thing, in which I organize volunteers and meals to feed the homeless on Christmas Day at Love Park (Philadelphia). I wrote a play that will be used to raise money for a domestic violence shelter. Recently, I have been in contact with the National Domestic Violence Hotline as the book of poetry that I am completing will be used to help raise money for that awareness program.
I enjoy being a volunteer. There is nothing like seeing a smile on someone's face. I have shared this passion with my sons and it brings me great joy that they have an eagerness to give. I have never been attached to money, especially so much that I refuse to give. I am a steward of time, but not the owner of it. Therefore, how I can I not share what has been lovingly been given by God? My hope is to inspire others to follow suit.

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