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    Posted March 14, 2013 Da nielle 2 Comments
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    So two days ago, a friend of mine texted me asking me " on a scale of 0% (you are depressed) to 100%(you are ready for Jesus to come back), how happy are you right now?"... Well I've found myself wondering what means being happy to me, at this time of my life what is my definition of happiness? I didnt have to think too long because for me being happy is being able to wake up every...

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    If you want to see some incredible, behind-the-scenes clips and shout outs from COMMON, make sure you head to this page . These are all exclusive to his site and y'all are the first ones to see them! xo -jf

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    happy birthday 2013 common!!

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    Dont let the negative overpower ur mind and make you feel frustrated and depressed. Go through the emotions if you have to. Dont suppress it within u and keep it hidden in you for years. Dont matter if its anger,hurt,guilt or shame, let it flow through your system and let it pass so you can move on. Do not let the negative live within you and haunt you. Everyone deserves happiness in their...

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    I have been praying for doors to open on a vision God gave me to help young Men throughout the Chicago land area. My foundation is called" Wishful Thinking Men's Closet" It is to help young men ages 18-35 yrs whose on the grind everyday,some fresh out of high school, college and just landed that Job interview but don't have the clothes for that interview. Wishful thinking men's closet will make...

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    This is dedicated to the sister who posted this blog called "Black Woman Conundrum" recently. I salute you and all black women. Thank you for sharing and thanks for the inspiration. Never have I met one so loving, so caring, so kind So passionate, so sexy, and oh so fine So determined, so willful, so strong So subjected to carry the burdens of the world alone So desired, so...

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    "There is a common need to escape, and mutually we need eachother. This usage is called love" Its necessary to be attentive to this flow of time, no saying, "I will keep this, this part of time which has given me pleasure, which has given me satisfaction, this remembrance of something which has delighted me". There must be a total attention, in which there is no sentiment at all, no emotion....

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    Never have I met a creature so unwanted, so undesirable, so despised and dejected So eager to please, so hard to please, so neglected and unprotected So angry, so sad, so loud and aggressive So strong, so weak, so cowardly, so protective So soft, so hard, so broken, so bare Always present but never there Overlooked, looked under and simply looked through Black woman just not good...

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    4 more days 'til day 40 of my juice fast....working to become a 100% raw food consumptionista ....thought this would be difficult; however the mental, physical and soul candidness is beyond measure. I'm also able to still play Capoeira at full capacity! I'm leaning towards doing another 40days so 80 days straight...anyone else wanna join me? It's time to elevate, release that weight,...

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