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  2. Join Day

    Posted March 1, 2013 Derrick 0 Comments
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    Thought I was perfect toward thinking common lol I want more out of life, you understand. I don't think anything comes to a sleeper. I love life. Live on as myself and forever I will stand as the man I am. Lose the attitude and get some me some ass lol I'm a keep pushing no matter what's the deal, boss.

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    So, as we all know from the recent contest, Common has come out with his own clothing line in a partnership with tech-giant Microsoft. Although I was not one of the lucky winners chosen, I still plan on ordering some of these really cool t-shirts. I want them not just because the designs on them are incredible, but because of what they represent. To me personally, Common's music and message of...

  4. New Track

    Posted February 9, 2013 FP_sounds 0 Comments
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    Just posted a new Beat on Sound_Cloud. Check it out All feed back is appreciated.

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    Because it has been like never when I have had the opportunity to do for myself, spend on myself or THINK of myself. It is frustrating to have the finance and freedom to shop or think and not know what I want or want to do, I was a student of academic excellence that left High School to rear my brother who is now 32. I discontinued my military service to care for the woman ( my...

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    [I am looking for sponsors to assist with promoting my sister . Check out her youtube video : Athena's Prayer 2012

  7. 87TH LEADER

    Posted January 7, 2013 PokeChoice 3 Comments
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    I would first like to say, Im thankful for the lord for giving my life and the eye 2 see the beautiful faces and love he has provided for me. I was born on Chicago's southside. I enjoy writing music and Ive been writing and acting for 9 years almost. I did a little modeling was chosen into John Robert Powers at 15 and is a college student. I know for a fact im the best Chicago's artist who has...

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  9. Dreaming, Giving, Doing....

    Posted December 29, 2012 me 1 Comments
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    I am what many would consider to be an introvert. I find myself most at home in low key surroundings and thrive through solitary artistic pursuits and one on one interactions or groups of few. This is my nature. However, my nature does not mean that I don't like people or being social, because I do, in fact I love people. I particularly love the elderly and will always take the opportunity to...

  10. Beauty

    Posted December 25, 2012 Phanor Lasso 0 Comments
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    Beauty unlimited It's fragrance is elegant Sought for by many Yet few obtain it

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