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    Instagram: @melissasuegomez

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    I have been working with a work permit since I was fifteen and quite frankly, I am beyond tired of working for other people. I want to hire who I want to hire, sell what I want to sell, make my own rules....but how do I get started? I have an idea, some slight business plans, and a mentor in mind. But I need help! I want to make my dreams come true!

  3. Greetings

    Posted March 5, 2013 Scoundrel 0 Comments
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    Good to be here

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    white shirt. white jacket. can’t tell me i can’t grab it. i remember last time. you questioned me before i’d grab it. my day. how long. the bong. the time spent is magic. her ass. her thong. her features shout out miss… her mind. this strong. the conversation would cause traffic. my bad. she sad. my alarm beepin’ that’s tragic. I got to go grab...

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  6. LUV

    Posted March 5, 2013 LetsGetLifted 0 Comments
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    What amazing movie. Good job Common

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  8. Join Day

    Posted March 1, 2013 Derrick 0 Comments
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    Thought I was perfect toward thinking common lol I want more out of life, you understand. I don't think anything comes to a sleeper. I love life. Live on as myself and forever I will stand as the man I am. Lose the attitude and get some me some ass lol I'm a keep pushing no matter what's the deal, boss.

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    So, as we all know from the recent contest, Common has come out with his own clothing line in a partnership with tech-giant Microsoft. Although I was not one of the lucky winners chosen, I still plan on ordering some of these really cool t-shirts. I want them not just because the designs on them are incredible, but because of what they represent. To me personally, Common's music and message of...

  10. New Track

    Posted February 9, 2013 FP_sounds 0 Comments
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    Just posted a new Beat on Sound_Cloud. Check it out All feed back is appreciated.

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